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Aerosmith - Love In An Elevator

I don’t think we realised when we got started with this one just how big of a project it was going to be, but i’m so proud of how this turned out. 

19 people coming together to re-create this Aerosmith classic during this lockdown just shows that even though we can’t all be together,

we can still put the same passion into music that so many of us miss doing in our ‘normal’ routine. 

We all miss gigging so much, but working on little gems like this, it definitely softens the blow. Enjoy! 

Vocals - Gregg Cromack

Vocals - Kate Iris Tuck
Guitar - Phil Sloan
Guitar - Sean Mann
Keys / BV's - Matt Wilko
Bass - Lee Tuck
Drums - Kyle Martin

Audio Mix/Master - Kyle Martin

Video - Lee Tuck
The Garage Studios

Additional vocals (and a huge thanks goes out to)

Phil Bell and Jen Normandale

Mandy Sloan

Scott Michael Cavagan

Ewan Clementson

Stevie 'Twister' Stoker

Diane Medhurst

Adam Crozier

Dave Scott

Dean James

David Ball

Caz Dixon

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🔥Survivor: Didn’t know it was love🔥

We're all going a little bit stir crazy! We miss playing our shows for you guys so much and its a bit weird as a band not being able to just get together and have jam! Luckily for us, we've been able to do something about it....

We've all sat and recorded our parts for this song separately and with the wonders of modern technology we've been reunited to perform this awesome track together. Unfortunately Danny doesn't have the facilities to record at home so we've drafted in a couple of our mates!

A HUGE thanks goes out to Kate Iris Tuck for her amazing backing vocals ❤️
Lee Tuck for putting the project together and editing the footage and finally the biggest thanks goes out to Kyle Martin, we can’t praise just how good of an engineer he is and always does an amazing job on producing and mixing our songs.
So play this loud, play it from the comfort of your home and above all, stay safe! x

Vocals : Gregg Cromack 
Bass : Lee Tuck
Keys & backin vox : Matthew Wilkinson
Guitar : Phil Sloan
Drums : Kyle Martin
Backin vox : Kate Iris Tuck

Video lee Tuck 
Mix : Kyle Martin








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